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Little Ninjas Parties

Young Masters Birthday parties are a great way for kids to celebrate their big day.  Each birthday party is designed to be unique, fun and educational.  Hosted by Martial Arts instructors trained to teach younger students, the birthday child and their friends will enjoy martial arts themed games and fun. 

Contact us and find out how you can give your child a party experience that they can’t get anywhere else!  Where else will the birthday child cut the cake with a samurai sword ! After the party you’ll understand why our birthday program won the 2014, 2015 AND 2016 “Best of the Fox’ award!




Nerf Parties

Looking for a way to help your children and their friends burn off a little extra energy on a winter day or a rainy summer afternoon? 

Maybe looking for a unique Birthday celebration for active girls and boys?

Young Masters Nurf™ Wars just might be what you are looking for.

For children 6 to 13 years old, our training area becomes a fully padded battlefield full of bunkers, forts, barricades and obstacles to hide behind.  We provide the guns, safety equipment and all the Nurf™ ammunition you can shoot.  You provide the energy, enthusiasm and up to 30 participants.

For an hour and a half, participants will enjoy dozens of different games.  We’ll play everything from ‘capture the flag’, ‘king of the hill’, ‘bodyguard,’ and a long list of other games under the guidance of adult referees.   

Contact Young Masters for availability of the ‘battlefield.’



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