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Advanced cyclists will benefit from the precision of training with power measurements using the spin bikes Stages Power meter. The Stages computer console displays Time, Distance, Speed, Cadence (RPM), Power Output (Watts), Calories burned and also displays heart rate, with a user compatible Heart Rate Monitor.  Your workout data can also be transferred to a standard USB drive to keep a record of all your workouts.





World-class bikes were once found only on the open road. The Woodstock Spin Club members will be using Stages Cycling bikes, from the company which builds the world’s finest indoor cycling bikes. The smooth ride, easy adjustment and the Stages Power meter makes this state-of-the-art bike easy to ride and provides a  vehicle to improve the fitness of every rider and the health of every club member.

Our virtual training rides will be designed to provide a range of real world challenges which makes it feel like you are right there cycling with other riders in real places. 

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We will be offering 30 and 50 Min. beginner to advanced classes along with our instructor lead Virtual Spin Classes.